Tupahn is a dynamic performer with a stage presence that reflects his native tropical sensuality. His music is engaging and full of intensity that drives the human spirit. He has a unique fingerpicking guitar technique, unparalleled falsetto singing style, and broad range of music influences combined in a kind of alchemy to produce something wholly new and original. Tupahn was born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in New York City. The two worlds of his childhood provided him with musical information that are still in the heart of his work, today: The classical Spanish with a Brazilian jazz touch, and, of course, the pop sensibilities of British and Motown artists. 

Tupahn’s fingerpicking style allows him to play the melody, the bass and the chords of a song, simultaneously. Although each performance is different and unique, the crystal clear quality of the notes and passion Tupahn brings to his interpretations remains constant. People, usually, approach him to ask if he uses support background music during his shows. He always takes it as acomplement and answers with a smile: “It all comes from these fingers and this heart”. As Tupahn reached adulthood, he decided that he wouldn’t follow his father’s footsteps, which was the diplomatic career. He studied guitar, voice and composition at Julliard School of Music, in New York, and began to persue music as his career. To be able to support his studies and his “show cases” for the music industry people, he began to perform in the streets. Tupahn became a popular fixture on 5th Avenue, and Central Park.

 Every time he played his cover of John Lennon “Jealous Guy”, Yoko Ono, who lives across Strawberry Fields, Central Park, would open all the windows to let the music into her home. One day Yoko watched Tupahn’s performance for 45 minutes, and before she left she said to him: “You made my afternoon!” At many occasions, couples came to Tupahn to thank him for bringing them together. At one time, a lady approached him in the streets and said: “I just want you to know that my father was your biggest fan. His last wish, before he died, was that his ashes would be spread at the place in Central Park where you play”. When the Parks Commissioner Henry Stern tried to silence the music in the park, the protest that followed became major TV news.

The publicity from the shut down at Central Park brought Tupahn to the attention of jazz pianist/singer Tania Maria, who invited him to do all the opening acts of her shows at New York’s premier theater”The Village Gate”. Tupahn became a sought-after guitarist-vocalist for high profile recording sessions. One of the remarkable collaborations as a guitarist and vocalist was in “Hey Pretty Love”, by Hip Hop star Snow, on his platinum album “12 Inches of Snow”, number one all over the world for 5 weeks on a row. But, the rest was yet to come. During a tour in Japan, Tupahn signed a recording contract with major label Pioneer LDC Records. The resulting album “Foreshadows” had an incredible impact on the Japanese music market. The single “Better Late Than Never” reached # 27 on Billboard charts and # 1 on radio airplay in Hiroshima and Tokyo. His success with the album “Foreshadows” led to tour of Asia, culminating in a sold out concert atJapan’smost famous concert hall for new artists, Club Quattro. 

Tupahn continues to explore his craft and push the boundaries of popular music, and to delight music lovers with his magnetic performance style.

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